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'Thank you so much for your help with Angus.  He has made huge progress in his reading levels, closing the gap between where he was and his appropriate age level.  I'm so pleased we were referred to you by the school.  I'm not aware of the other schools' programmes, but nothing could be better than this!'   Megan Taylor

'Kelly's way of teaching children who think outside the box is just amazing.  My children have learned new ways to solve problems and understand what they are learning through the easy, fun activities.  Brainy Picture People provided Irlen testing for my son which has helped with his reading.  I highly recommend Brainy Picture People for any child who is finding learning in a classroom environment a struggle.'  Rachelle

'I can read for longer now.  I used to be only able to read for about 10 minutes, but now I can read for at least half an hour.  I can also concentrate a lot better.  I don't have headaches like I used to.'   

Isaac - Diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome/March 2019/Treated with Irlen tinted glasses.