Brainy Picture People

Break through the literacy barrier with our unique learning approach for reading and spelling!

What we do ...

Brainy Picture People provide a new easy way to do literacy for students who need help with reading and spelling.

How we do it ...

We deliver our programme in Waikato based schools who want to partner with us to achieve the best results for their students.
We provide Zoom lessons for students outside of Hamilton

What we know ...

Different children learn in different ways.
Our programme provides a new way to learn that suits many students who are currently failing.
We all want our kids to do well at school - that's why we've removed barriers to literacy, so that children can read and write with ease.

A pictorial alphabet forms the starting point for our new way to do literacy.  With a symbol for every sound, our alphabet builds a firm foundation for students to use as a springboard into literacy.

A picture paints a thousand words and helps kids spell lots of words too!  Entertaining illustrations and engaging stories help kids remember stuff!  Brainy Picture People harness the power of pictures to help students remember a whole lot of ways to spell sounds - in a way that is fun and easy and best of all - it works!

Every child who learns the Brainy Picture People way, makes breakthroughs in literacy.  This programme really works.  Let's give our kids the right learning tools to get the job done!


    Irlen Syndrome

    Up to 46% of children with reading difficulties have problems with visual processing. At Brainy Picture People we can screen for Irlen Syndrome which affects reading fluency and comprehension. For a self-test you can go to Here you can receive a report that will let you know if your child needs testing. Send us the report or give us a call and we can organise testing for you.


    Founder:  Kelly Gyde

    Kelly has a background in primary teaching and has been involved in education for thirty years. She created Brainy Picture People to make literacy as easy as possible for kids and has been amazed with the results. Her vision is for every child who has difficulty with reading and spelling, to have access to learning the Brainy Picture People way - because it works!

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